How to download and save the following video to your computer hard drive

Remembrance Day song — For That Tomorrow — Karaoke style Video

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This ‘apparent’ slide show was produced as a video and has never existed as a ‘slide show’ that you might use in programmes such as Power Point.

You can download a version without Karaoke Text at Vimeo (see below).

THE QUICK but lower quality YouTube route
Install the free Media Player REAL PLAYER
You may have it already on your computer — make sure the defaults are set to ALLOW VIDEO DOWNLOAD (usually on by default)

This video appears on YouTube at

This YouTube download will look a bit soft in FULL SCREEN mode.

THE SLOWER but best quality Vimeo route
This video is also embedded on this website ( but streamed from a specialist company called Vimeo that caters for video-maker enthusiasts.
To download this video from Vimeo, you need to be a member of Vimeo
Get a free Vimeo account here
It’s a painless and quick process and nobody tries to spam you or get your intimate details.
Just fill in your (proper) email address and invent a password for yourself. You will get an email to activate your free account.

You are now a Vimeo member. Now sign in and got to
Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and find
download button
CLICK on the MP4 button and select where to save the file (about 15 megabytes) — you might rename the file from the meaningless number to something more memorable like:

This Vimeo download will look fine in FULL SCREEN mode.

You can download the video/audio with no Karaoke Text at

Regardless of which of the above routes you took, you are ready to play the video on any computer.

If your default media player is Windows Media Player, your computer will probably throw its hands up and say it does not know what to do with this file — unless you have downloaded extra CODECS or Windows has upped its act by the time you read this.

I have tested the file and it plays just fine in Real Player
download free Real Player

It also plays fine in Apple Quicktime
download free Apple Quicktime

The music in this video is produced by synthesizer and the timing is a bit mechanical.
You should find that you will naturally vary/smooth the timing/flow as you rehearse this song.

If your performance of the song turns out to be remarkably good, why not record it and send it to me as an MP3 audio file. I will include the best ones on this web site with full credits and links to the performers.

Whatever you do, I would appreciate you dropping me a note to say how your performance went.
Best wishes,

If you need to play the video on a domestic DVD player then you have a problem.


The file you have downloaded is an MPEG-4 file using a CODEC called H.264 — I can hear you groaning from here.
DVD’s are encoded in MPEG-2.
You need to convert the MPEG-4, H.264 to MPEG-2
I cannot recommend anything as I have no experience in this area but knowing what is required is the first step to finding a solution — it will almost certainly involve parting with some cash.

If you have a DVD/CD authoring/burning program then try making a video DVD using the downloaded file as the source — you never know, it might just work — good luck.


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